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P 3355 Gate Receipts and Admissions

Admissions receipts of school events will be adequately controlled. The building principal shall be responsible for the proper collection, supervision, disbursement and/or remittance of these charges.

The Board will determine the admission prices for athletic events based on the recommendations of the Superintendent, building principals, and conference school recommendations.  The administrators may also recommend season ticket sales for various athletic events to the Board for approval.

Free Admissions

Board members, all employees and their spouses, and all persons sixty (60) years of age or older shall be admitted to all District events free of charge, except those where passes are not accepted. 

Athletic tournaments or activities sponsored by the Missouri State High School Activities Association will require all persons to pay admission at the rate determined by the activities association.

Board Approved Date: January 16, 2017
Last Updated: January 2017