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P 3350 Student Fees and Fines


No fees shall be charged for enrollment, supplies, equipment or costs attributable to courses of study which are offered for credit. Students shall be required to pay for materials which are used in constructing projects or other items which are to be removed from the school and are thereby the property of the student. All projects constructed at school with materials provided by the school are the property of the District and therefore shall not be removed from school unless approved by the appropriate administrator.

Students may be charged fees or admission for participation in activities which are voluntary, such as attendance at school athletic or other co-curricular events. The fee schedule for such events shall be submitted to the Board of Education for approval annually.


Every effort shall be made to protect the financial resources of the District by collecting all payment for student fines, lost or damaged textbooks, damage or vandalism to school property. Collected fines shall be deposited in the appropriate account in order to charge replacement costs for books, materials, equipment or repaired property to the appropriate budget item.

Board Approved Date: July 2003
Last Updated: January 2003