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P 7400 Naming Rights

This policy will establish guidelines for the naming of school facilities and the dedication or naming of areas of school facilities or grounds to honor individuals or to assign naming rights to acknowledge sponsorship or a significant contribution by a private or corporate entity to benefit Carthage R-IX School District.

Responsibility of the School Board

It shall be the responsibility of the School Board to select names for all school facilities and to authorize the permanent dedication or naming of areas of school facilities or grounds to honor individuals.  In fulfilling this responsibility, the School Board shall make every effort to respect the preference of the community.  However, final decisions on the naming of school facilities and the dedicating of areas of school facilities or grounds shall rest entirely with the School Board.  The School Board shall also have the responsibility to approve and authorize naming rights for areas of school facilities in order to provide recognition of private or corporate entity sponsorship or significant contribution made to benefit Carthage R-IX School District.


The Superintendent is directed to solicit suggestions for names from members of the community.  As appropriate, School Board member(s) may submit a recommended name or several names to the School Board for consideration.  The School Board acknowledges that the community may want to recognize exceptional contributions to a school by providing for the dedication or naming of appropriate areas of a school facility (library or media center, common areas, gymnasium, etc.) or school grounds (field, courtyard, etc.) in honor of individuals, private or corporate entities making such exceptional or outstanding contributions.  Names of deceased or retired individuals who have made such exceptional or outstanding contributions may be proposed. 

Naming rights shall be decided or negotiated on a case-by-case basis.  Naming rights shall be reviewed and/or renewed on a regular basis by the School Board.  The School Board shall have discretionary authority to rescind a naming right at any time based on any action by the private or corporate entity that is deemed inappropriate or in conflict with District values as determined by the School Board.

Exterior signage shall be limited to the extent practicable so that sign location, size, and lighting are not a significant interference with adjacent residential properties.

Acceptance of gifts, naming rights or advertisements involving tobacco, alcohol, finances, gambling, obscenity or other matters determined by the Board in their sole discretion to be inconsistent with community standards or to detract from the District’s public image will not be accepted.  The Board will give thoughtful consideration to the reputation and integrity of the donor or business partner whose name is considered for naming rights or advertisement.

Board Approved Date: March 13, 2014
Last Updated: October 2018