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P 2230 Admission of Non-Tuition Students

Resident Students

Resident students of the District, five to twenty‑one (5‑21) years of age, who have not graduated from high school or received any document evidencing completion of the equivalent of a secondary curriculum (G.E.D.), and are not barred from enrollment by provisions of the Safe Schools Act (See Policy and Regulation 2664) may attend District schools tuition free. Resident students must provide proof of residency in the District at the time of enrollment. To be a resident of the District, a student must both physically reside and be domiciled within District boundaries. The domicile of a minor child is the domicile of a parent, military guardian pursuant to a military issued guardianship, or court-appointed legal guardian. When due to military stationing or deployment out-of-state of one or both of a child’s parent(s), the child, a resident of Missouri, relocates to live with other family members that live in the District or lives in a military support community located in the District, the child may attend District schools. If the parents’ active duty orders expire during the school year, the student will be permitted to finish the current school year at the District.

Students Entitled to Enroll Without Proof of Residency

The residency provisions of this policy are not applicable to homeless students, inter‑District court-ordered desegregation students, wards of the state placed in residential care facilities, students placed in a residential care facility due to a mental illness or developmental disability, a student placed in a residential facility by a juvenile court, students with a disability identified under state eligibility criteria if the student is in the district for reasons other than accessing the district’s educational program, students attending regional or cooperative alternative education programs, students attending an alternative education program on a contractual basis, or students attending a school pursuant to R.S.Mo. §167.151(2) or -(4). The exemptions to the residency requirement are expressly established by state law and entitle such students to tuition free school attendance. Additionally, a student may be partially exempt from the payment of tuition as set forth in Policy and Regulation 2240 and state law. For purposes of IDEA special education evaluation and provision of special education services, a student attending a private school located within the District will be evaluated as a resident student.

Requests for Waiver of Proof of Residency Requirements

Those students who are unable to satisfy the proof of residency requirements and who are not entitled to enroll as provided in the previous section of this policy and state law may request a waiver of the proof of residency requirements. Upon filing a Request for Waiver of Proof of Residency (Form 2230.1) and satisfaction of all other enrollment requirements, the student will be conditionally enrolled and allowed to attend school pending a Board of Education hearing on the student’s request unless there is reason to suspect that the admission of the pupil will create an immediate danger to the safety of other students or employees of the District. If there is reason  to suspect that the student poses an immediate danger, the Board of Education will convene a hearing within five working days of the request to register and determine whether or not the pupil may register. (See Policy and Regulation 2200, Regulation 2230 and Policy and Regulation 2664).                                                                                       

Students of Nonresident Teachers and Regular Employees

Nonresident students of District teachers or regular District employees may be permitted to attend school without payment of tuition. Such students will be considered “resident” students for purposes of state aid.

Remote Registration

Parent(s) who are being relocated to Missouri pursuant to military orders will be permitted to enroll their students remotely. Proof of residence is not required at the time of registration, but will be required within ten (10) days of the student’s registration.

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Board Approved Date: December 16, 2019
Last Updated: December 2019