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P 4411 Professional Development Program

The Board shall provide a Professional Development Program to be in compliance with State Statutes regarding assistance for beginning teachers. A committee will be elected by the teachers to develop a plan to carry out the goals of the Professional Development Program.

The Professional Development Program shall further be in compliance with the "Outstanding Schools Act" Section 7 of Senate Bill #380 of the 87th General Assembly.

The District will establish a Professional Development Committee to work with beginning teachers and experienced teachers in identifying instructional concerns and remedies; assist beginning teachers with implementation of their professional development plan; serve as a consultant upon a teacher's request; arrange training programs for mentors; assess faculty needs and develop in‑service opportunities for school staff; present faculty suggestions, ideas and recommendations pertaining to classroom instruction within the School District; and review and evaluate the District's staff development program.

In any year, expiring with fiscal year 2024, in which the amount appropriated and expended for transportation of students is less than 25% of the allowable costs of providing student transportation, the Board, by a majority vote, may allocate less than 1% of professional development funds to student transportation. However, in no case will the amount allocated be less than 0.5% of professional development funds.

The District provides teacher externships for teachers participating in a supervised practical experience in local and state business. Depending upon the type of externship, participating teachers may receive professional development credit or credit on the District’s salary schedule. (See Regulation 4411).


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Board Approved Date: December 16, 2019
Last Updated: December 2019