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P 4150 Substitute Teacher Employment

The Board of Education will employ qualified substitutes for all employee groups. The Superintendent will prepare and submit to the Board a procedure for reporting absences, assigning substitutes and developing a substitute compensation plan.

Substitute teachers shall meet all requirements as established by the State Board of Education. Rate of compensation shall be according to the annual school budget approved by the Board of Education. Those substitutes who are employed ten (10) or more consecutive teaching days in the same classroom will receive extra pay.

Records shall be kept by the Superintendent concerning number of days taught by substitutes and the amount of funds expended. The Board shall be informed concerning this data at periodic intervals.

Retired Certificated Employees

Retired certificated employees may be employed to substitute teach in the District on a part-time or temporary substitute basis without a discontinuance of their retirement allowance. Such individuals may also be utilized by the District as a part-time or temporary substitute through a third-party or as an independent contractor. No deduction will be made for retirement purposes. 

Retired certificated employees may be employed as a full-time substitute in the District.  However, during any month of full-time employment, the individual’s retirement payment will be discontinued. Such retirees may be required by the retirement system to provide documentation showing compliance with this provision.

Substitute Teacher Certificates

The State Board of Education may grant such certificate to an individual who has completed:

  1. At least 36 semester hours at an accredited institution of higher education; or
  2. The 24-hour online training program requirement required by the State and who possesses a high school diploma or the equivalent.

Such certificate may also be granted for a qualified individual with expertise in a technical business field or with experience in the Armed Forces of the United States and who has completed a background check.  No such substitute teacher certificate holder who is under 20 years of age may be a substitute in grades 9 to 12.  Such certificate is valid for 4 years.  A substitute certificate will expire at the end of any calendar year in which the substitute has failed to substitute teach for at least five (5) days for 40 hours of in-seat instruction.

Substitute Teacher Survey

Each substitute teacher will complete a DESE survey at the end of each day of teaching. The District will provide substitute teachers, by email, a weblink to the survey.  If needed, the District will provide brief access to a computer or other device to allow completion of the survey or if preferred the substitute’s personal device.


The District will annually provide information to DESE regarding use of third-party employment agencies for substitute teachers; daily rate of substitute pay; employment of full-time or part-time substitute teachers; substitute teachers’ recruitment efforts; interview process as well as use of current school staff as substitute teachers during unassigned time.

Board Approved Date: November 21, 2022
Last Updated: November 2022