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P 2200 Admission and Withdrawal

The admission and denial of admission of all students shall be under the direction of the Superintendent/Designee, subject to the approval of the Board of Education. All persons seeking admission to the District and its instructional programs must satisfactorily meet all residency, academic, age, immunization, health, safety and other eligibility prerequisites as established by Board policies, rules and regulations, and by law. Students entering the District will be required to present a birth certificate or some other acceptable proof of age along with proof of residency in the District, or a request for a waiver of the residency requirements unless the student is exempt from the residency requirements as set forth in District policies, rules and regulations and/or law.

Upon a request to enroll any student in the District, the Superintendent/Designee will request the student’s previous school records along with any other relevant records as set forth in Regulation 2200 and state law. Any enrollment of a student prior to receipt of the student’s previous discipline records will remain conditional until receipt of such records. A student will be allowed to attend school during conditional enrollment so long as the student does not violate the District’s code of conduct or pose a threat of harm to students or employees of the District.  (See Regulation 2200, Policy 2290, and Policy and Regulation 2664).

Students who are entering kindergarten or first grade are encouraged to pre-register in the spring prior to the fall semester in which they are to begin attendance.

The District will, prior to enrollment, require a state criminal history background check of open records for any person who is eighteen years or older, and (1) who is not counted by the District for average daily attendance; (2) if instruction takes place on District property during regular school hours; and (3) if such class contains students who are counted for purposes of state aid.

High School Students Residing in K-8 Districts

The District will admit high school students from approved K-8 Districts in its county or adjoining counties. The District shall charge the sending K-8 Districts tuition for each such student. The cost of tuition will be calculated by the District’s Board of Education, but in no case will tuition exceed the amount spent for teachers’ wages, incidental purposes, debt service, maintenance and replacements divided by the District’s average daily pupil attendance.  Disputes involving the tuition charged will be resolved by the State Board of Education. The sending districts are required to provide transportation provided the receiving District has been approved by the K-8 District of pupil’s residence.

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Board Approved Date: October 16, 2023
Last Updated: October 2023