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P 4125 Notice of Arrest, Abuse Complaint, Traffic Citation

Every employee and volunteer who is arrested for a criminal act, felony, or misdemeanor must notify their supervisor in writing within three (3) work days of the arrest. Similarly, every employee/volunteer must notify their supervisor within the same time period of notice of a child abuse complaint against them. Traffic violations related to Driving Under the Influence will be treated as a criminal arrest. In addition to the preceding, transportation employees must notify their supervisors of any moving traffic violations whether or not on work time.

Whenever the District receives a finding of substantiated sexual or physical abuse from the Children's Division against an employee, the employee will be immediately suspended with pay. The employee so affected may be returned to work if the allegation is unsubstantiated, revised or reversed on appeal.

Board Approved Date: March 2012
Last Updated: August 2011