Carthage R-9

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P 0230 District Goals

The goals of the Carthage R-IX School District are:

  1. To continue striving for excellence in all educational programs.
  2. To retain quality certified and support staff.
  3. To encourage parental and community involvement.
  4. To provide a learning environment that will allow students the opportunity to reach their maximum potential.
  5. To motivate and provide students with necessary skills and attitudes to become lifelong learners and productive, responsible citizens.
  6. To emphasize the principles of democracy and the dignity, equality and worth of every individual.
  7. To establish and maintain an environment that provides educational opportunity relevant to community needs.
  8. To continue emphasizing the development, articulation and reevaluation of curriculum in all subject areas and at each grade level.
  9. To continue providing comprehensive programs that allow students to become problem solvers, critical thinkers and technologically literate.
  10. To expand enrichment and gifted opportunities to all appropriate grade levels.
  11. To expand the at-risk student program.
  12. To encourage the implementation of programs designed to improve student learning.
  13. To develop in students a strong work ethic and understanding of the importance of producing quality work.
  14. To continue to raise the standards for student achievement that will allow them to compete in a global economy.
  15. To develop in students appropriate behavior, respect for others, self-discipline and responsibility for their actions.
  16. To assure mastery of identified basic skills by all students at each grade level.
  17. To encourage students and staff to utilize rapidly expanding technologies.

Board Approved Date: October 20, 2014
Last Updated: October 2014