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P 1111 Character Traits

The Board of Education believes that a free society cannot survive unless the character traits upon which it is grounded are fully comprehended and practiced by each succeeding generation of educated citizens. The Board recognizes that the home is the primary source of moral, ethical, and religious instruction, and that the role of the school is to support the family by upholding the highest example of morality, ethics, and integrity. The Board recognizes that there exists within our community a set of core traits which are common to all cultures. The Board of Education and the Carthage R-9 School District are sensitive and respectful of all cultures and beliefs and understand that these core traits are historically rooted in documents of a religious and secular nature recognized and important to the diversity of cultures and beliefs represented by those living within the Carthage R-9 School District.

Board Approved Date: May 2007
Last Updated: May 2007