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P 1422 Relations with Booster Organizations

The Board recognizes that the endeavors and objectives of booster organizations and similar groups can be a valuable means of stimulating interest in and endorsement of the aims and achievements of the school system. Generally, actions initiated by boosters provide the atmosphere and climate to weld together desirable community-school relationships.

Booster-proposed plans, projects or movements must be evaluated and promoted in light of their stated contribution to the academic as well as the athletic and musical programs of the District's schools. Careful consideration must be given to the total value of the booster program to all students rather than to specific elements such as athletic teams and music participants. Furthermore, care must be taken to avoid compromising or diluting the responsibilities and authorities of the Board.

Therefore, any plan, project or movement instituted to expand, modernize, renovate or otherwise render maintenance to school controlled and/or owned properties, or provide academic achievement awards and other educational recognition to students will be presented to the Board for its consideration, comments, evaluation and approval. This must be done before any public announcement is made.

Board Approved Date: July 2003
Last Updated: July 2003