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P 1430 Visitors to the Schools

Principals and teachers shall welcome and encourage visits by parents/guardians, Board members, volunteers and patrons of the schools. All visitors shall report to the principal's office on entering the building so that the office will be aware of their presence. When a patron of the school has a need for a conference with a teacher or counselor, an appointment should be made so the staff member may proceed with his/her assigned duties without undue interruption.

Groups of visitors wishing to visit the school or facilities shall notify the Superintendent as far in advance as possible.

Students dismissed earlier in one school than others are not permitted to be on the grounds of any other school in the District.

All persons who do not obtain permission from the principal's office to visit the school, or visitors who create serious distractions to the learning environment in the building or on the premises, shall be considered trespassers and subject to arrest and prosecution.

In order to minimize the potential harm to staff and students, persons listed on the sex offenders list may not be present in any school building, or on district property, in any district vehicle utilized to transport students, or be present at school activities without the written permission of the Superintendent. If permission is granted for a specific event or events, the Superintendent will notify the principal, where the sex offender will be present.

Board Approved Date: October 2007
Last Updated: October 2007