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P 1705 Administrative Goals

Proper administration of the schools is most vital to a successful educational program. The administration is responsible, within the guidelines established by Board policy, for the direction and coordination of students and staff in their efforts to reach educational goals adopted by the Board. As such, administration must be based upon positive human relationships in order to serve as the keystone to the effective operation of the entire District.

The design of the administrative organization will be such that all divisions and departments of the District are part of a single system, subject to the policies set forth by the Board and implemented through the Superintendent. Principals and central office administrators are expected to administer their units in accordance with Board policy and the Superintendent's rules and procedures. However, the mere execution of the directives cannot, by itself, be construed as good administration. Vision, initiative, resourcefulness and wise leadership, as well as consideration and concern for staff members, students, parents and patrons are essential for effective administration.

The Superintendent, each principal and other administrators shall have the authority and responsibility necessary for specific administrative assignment. Each shall likewise be accountable for the effectiveness with which the administrative assignment is carried out. The Board shall be responsible for clearly specifying requirements and expectations of the Superintendent and he/she in turn shall be responsible for clearly specifying the same for all other administrators.

The major goals of the administration in the District shall be:

  1. To manage the District's various educational units and programs effectively and efficiently.
  2. To provide professional advice and counsel to the Board and to any advisory groups established by the Board.
  3. To provide leadership in keeping abreast of current educational developments.
  4. To arrange for staff development necessary for the establishment and operation of learning programs to meet the needs of the individual student.
  5. To coordinate cooperative efforts in the improvement and evaluation of learning programs, facilities, equipment and instructional materials.
  6. To provide access to the decision-making process to staff, students, parents and patrons.

Board Approved Date: July 2003
Last Updated: February 2003