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P 2652 Student Conduct on Buses

The safety of students during their transportation to and from school is a responsibility which they and their parents/guardians share with the bus drivers and school officials. The Board wants each student to know what conduct is expected when waiting for and riding on a school bus. Therefore, the rules of student conduct will be issued to all students at the beginning of the school year and to new students upon enrollment.

Students who fail to observe these rules will be subject to disciplinary action since their failure to do so may affect the safety of others. A student who misbehaves will be reported by the driver to the director of transportation on the same school day in which the misbehavior occurs. The transportation director, administrator or bus driver may suspend bus-riding privileges. The principal of the school may be notified so additional action may be taken.

Students who refuse to conform to bus rules and regulations of the District discipline code will be subject to denial of transportation.

Excessively dangerous behavior will result in immediate action.

Board Approved Date: July 2003
Last Updated: July 2003