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P 2720 Employment of Students/Work Certificate

In accordance with state statutes, the Superintendent will establish procedures for the processing of requests for work permits to students between the ages of fourteen (14) and sixteen (16). Work permits may be issued when a student presents a legal verification of age, a written promise of employment by a prospective employer and a certificate from the school principal showing grades of school work completed. Such employment must be pursuant to parental consent and must meet legal requirements pertaining to jobs suitable for minors.

In addition, principals/designees and district employees holding a student service certificate and, who is authorized by the Superintendent, may issue work certificates to students who are attending their schools. Employees with authority to issue certificates may not issue a certificate to their own child.

Principals issuing work certificates will provide self-certification that the principal understands the legal requirements for issuing work certificates. The principal issuing a work certificate will submit a copy of each certificate and the certificate application to the Superintendent. The Superintendent may revoke a certificate issued by a principal if the Superintendent becomes aware of any grounds upon which the student may be ineligible for a work certificate.

Board Approved Date: March 2011
Last Updated: March 2011