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P 4610 Certificated Personnel Performance Evaluation

In order to assure a high quality of professional staff performance and to advance the instructional programs of the District, the Board will require a comprehensive performance-based evaluation for each teacher employed by the District. Such evaluation shall be ongoing and of sufficient specificity and frequency to provide for demonstrated standards of competency and academic ability.

The Pre-Observation Worksheet, the Formative Data Form for both scheduled and/or unscheduled observations, the Professional Development Plan and the Summative Evaluation Report will be used first for providing suggestions and assistance to the staff member for improvement of instruction; and, secondarily, for determining whether performance meets with the degree of satisfaction required for continued employment and/or tenure.

All probationary teachers will be evaluated by the performance-based process with at least one formative and one summative evaluation completed annually. Teachers with tenure will be evaluated through the formative process at least annually and a complete summative evaluation will be completed every three (3) years or more often as needed. The evaluator will be the building administrator or a qualified designee.

Annual evaluations of the principals, supervisory staff and other professionals will be made by the persons who have supervisory responsibility for those positions.

The procedures and instruments for professional staff evaluation have been developed by the administration in consultation with the staff and approved by the Board. One copy of the completed evaluation forms shall be given to the staff member, one copy will be filed with the appropriate administrator, and one copy will be filed in the employee's personnel file.

Evaluators will use the appropriate suggested criteria for performance based evaluation to insure consistency in the implementation of procedures and application.

Board Approved Date: July 2003
Last Updated: July 2003