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P 5242 Bomb Threats

Bomb Threat - A bomb threat is a threat alleging that an explosive device is located on school properties. This threat may be made by telephone, in writing, e-mail, fax or by first party verbal conversation with a school official or student. The only allegation necessary is that a bomb is on school premises.

Most bomb threats are made by phone and tend to be very brief. The message is stated in a few words and then the caller hangs up. Every effort should be made to obtain detailed information from the caller, such as:

  1. When is a bomb going to explode?
  2. What kind of bomb is it?
  3. What does the bomb look like?
  4. Where is the bomb located?
  5. Why did you place it or who placed it and why?
  1. Notify building principal or designated school official in charge of threatened area.
  2. Contact local police/fire (911 if available in the area) and other emergency teams.
  3. Contact the Superintendent.
  4. Notify the telephone company (if any arrangements have been made to follow through on a trace of phone calls).
  5. The senior law enforcement officer present and the building principal or designated school official will determine what procedures to follow. They shall order the building evacuated by means of a fire drill.
  6. A search of the building or premises should be conducted under the direction of the senior officers present from either protective departments. Law enforcement officers, firefighters and designated school officials should assist in the search.
  7. All persons who have been instructed to check the building will make a prompt visual search of their respective areas and report to the principal or emergency personnel any items or containers that are unusual or foreign to the normal operation of the school. Do not handle any item under suspicion.
  8. The building will be under the principal's jurisdiction, but it will be under the police or fire department's authority if a bomb is discovered.
  9. The principal will make the decision for the students and other personnel to reenter the building. If possible, the principal should seek the advice of police/fire departments when declaring the building safe to reenter.
  10. Investigation of the incident should be made by the local law enforcement officials, assisted by the state fire marshal's office, if requested.

Any decision concerning the dismissal of school and subsequent make-up time should the bomb threats become numerous and hinder instruction time, shall be made by the Superintendent with Board approval.

Board Approved Date: July 2003
Last Updated: July 2003