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P 6530 E-mail Records and Electronically Stored Information

Any e-mails that are pertinent and must be saved for an extended period of time to exceed one month shall either be 1) printed and physically filed in such a way that it will be easily retrievable or 2) saved directly to a file on one of the District servers from which it will be easily retrievable. The District will regularly delete unnecessary e-mails on the District's computer system, typically, on the first school day of each month during the school year.

Until the District's e-mail system can be equipped with such capabilities, all District e-mail account holders shall regularly update their e-mail account by either saving necessary and pertinent e-mails to a District approved storage device, printing them and filing them appropriately, or deleting unnecessary e-mails from their account. This process shall become a permanent and regular occurrence if the automatic deletion process is not implemented into the District's e-mail system.

Board Approved Date: October 2007
Last Updated: October 2007