Carthage R-9

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P 1472 Public Solicitations in the Schools

The Board discourages activities that involve students in solicitation for fund raising programs that are not school related. The Board does not permit the exploitation of students whether by advertising or otherwise promoting products or services, soliciting funds or information, or securing participation in nonschool related activities.

Except as provided in Policy and Regulation 2170, Distribution of Noncurricular Publications by Students, the Carthage R-IX School District prohibits the dissemination of any and all materials, with the exception of items generated by the school as part of its educational mission, or submitted to the school district by a municipal or scouting organization (subject to approval by the Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent for Instruction). Dissemination as stated in this policy includes, but is not limited to, sending materials home with students, passing material out to students, or otherwise making such materials, or the information therein, available to students.

Board Approved Date: June 2006
Last Updated: June 2006