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P 2820 Psychological Testing of Students

Psychological tests administered to students by qualified District personnel or appropriate diagnostic agencies will ensure quality psychological services in the District, and will protect the educational rights, dignity and privacy of students and parents/guardians.

Psychological evaluations will be made only after informed and written consent of the student's parent/guardian is obtained. A conference will be held with the parent/guardian to review all test results and the student's specific educational needs in the educational program. Psychological data are only partial criteria for determining any change in a student's educational program. Psychological data older than three years shall not be used as the basis for prescriptive teaching or placement.

All psychological services provided by the District or agencies contracted by the District will be in accordance with state and federal statutes and regulations concerning the privacy of student records and use of psychological services.

Board Approved Date: July 2003
Last Updated: July 2003