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R 1450 Public Access to District Documents

The Board, as authorized by law, may close meetings, records, and votes for the reasons set out below.  Please note the numbers for each criteria are the numbers used in Mo. Rev. Stat. §610.021. The actual numbers will be useful in listing the statutory basis for closed meetings and closed record notices.  Numbers omitted are not applicable to public schools.

(1)   Legal Matters

Litigation including privileged communications between the Board, its representatives, and its attorneys.  Upon completion of the litigation or upon the execution of a settlement agreement, the vote, minutes, and settlement agreement will be made public unless subject to a court order closing the record.

(2)   Real Estate Matters

The lease, purchase or sale of real estate where public knowledge of the details of the proposed acquisition might adversely affect the District's interests. Any vote or public record approving such a contract shall become available to the public upon execution of the contract.

(3)   Personnel Matters

Actions related to the hiring, firing, disciplining or promotion of a District employee when the performance or individual merits of this employee is considered. Any vote on a final decision to hire, fire, promote or discipline will be available to the public within seventy-two (72) hours of the close of the meeting, except that good faith efforts will be made to notify the affected employee prior to the information becoming publicly available.  Disclosure of Board action on such personnel matters will include notice of how each Board member voted on the proposition.

(6) Student Matters

Scholastic probation, expulsion, discipline, or graduation of identifiable persons, including records of individual test or examination scores subject to the provisions of the Board's student records policy and regulations.

(7) Test Matters

Testing and examination materials before the test or examination is given, or if it is to be given again before such testing.

(9) Employee Negotiations

Preparations for negotiations with employees and employee representatives, including any work product of the Board.

(10) Software Codes

Codes for electronic data processing and documentation related to such codes.

(11) and (12) Bidding Matters

Competitive bidding specifications, until officially approved or published for bids.  Sealed bids, until the earlier of the time all are opened or all are accepted or rejected.

(13) Personnel Records

Individually identifiable personnel records, performance ratings or records related to employees or applicants for employment.  However, the public will have access to the names, positions, salaries, and length of service of employees of the District.

(14) Protected Records

Records which are protected from disclosure by law.

(16) Hotlines

Records related to municipal hotlines established for the reporting of abuse and wrongdoing.

(17) Communications with District Auditor

Confidential and privileged communication between the Board and its auditor, including the auditor's work product.  However, final audit reports issued by the auditor will be open.

(19) Security Systems

Existing or proposed security systems or procedures and structural plans of real property owned or leased by the District, including but not limited to evacuation and lockdown procedures for the buildings on District property and information that is voluntarily submitted by private entities owning or operating an infrastructure, the public disclosure of which would threaten public safety.  The portions of the record that identify security systems or access codes for District security systems.  Records of expenditures of District funds for the purchase of security systems are considered to be open records.

(21) Computer/Telecommunication Systems

Records that identify the configuration of components or the operation of a computer system, computer network or telecommunications network utilized by the District.  Records related to expenditures for such systems are considered to be open records.

(22) Credit Card Information

Credit card numbers, personal identification numbers, digital certificates, physical and virtual keys, access codes or authorization codes that are used to protect the security of electronic transactions between the District and a person or an entity doing business with the District.  However, records of a person using a credit card held in the name of the District or other method of payment for which the District provides reimbursement are open.

(24) Foster Care

Records relating to foster home or kinship placement of children in foster care.

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Board Approved Date: November 21, 2022
Last Updated: August 2021