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R 4505 Salary Schedules

Certificated Staff

The salary of all instructional personnel is determined by salary schedules adopted annually by the Board. The steps on the schedule are based on years of experience. Incoming experience is evaluated. The basic categories of the salary schedule are as follows:

The Board wishes to encourage teachers to enter and complete further graduate training.  Therefore, the B.S. Degree column is frozen at step 15 and the B.S. Degree plus 15 columns is frozen at step 20.  Teachers who have been frozen at either of these levels may move to the next column by completing required graduate hours.  Education courses and other professional development may be used to advance on a salary schedule with prior administrative approval based on current guidelines for advancement on the salary schedule. 

The district may recognize an employee’s previous experience when placing that employee on the salary schedule.  The Board delegates to the superintendent or designee the authority to set guidelines on which previous experiences qualify.  In addition, the district may recognize military service or work experience that the district considers beneficial to the position.  Employees are responsible for fully apprising the district of their relevant background experiences when first employed in the position.  Once the employee is initially placed on the salary schedule, the district is under no obligation to review the placement. 

The District will reimburse tuition costs for teachers earning up to nine additional graduate credit hours per year at the rate of up to $60.00 per credit hour. 

Deadline to Submit Tuition Reimbursement Form, Receipts, & Transcript/Grade Card

Reimbursement Date

February 1st

February 23rd

June 1st

June 23rd

October 1st

October 23rd

The Superintendent shall, in cooperation with staff, prepare the salary schedule for approval by the Board and implement the salary schedule adopted by the Board.  The schedule adopted by the Board shall remain in effect until changed or modified by the Board.

The Board of Education shall determine extra salary above scale for teachers with special qualifications and/or duties.

A paycheck for 1/12th of the annual salary, less authorized deductions, is to be delivered to the teacher by the 25th day of each month. All teachers are paid on a twelve-month basis. June, July, and August checks are all paid in June and delivered to teachers by June 25. At the District's discretion, electronic transfer may be used to accomplish this process.

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Board Approved Date: August 21, 2023
Last Updated: August 2023