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R 1620 Private, State and Federal Funding

Steps to be followed in securing grants are:

  1. Identify a significant District problem or need for program improvement that may be helped through outside funds.
  2. Match the need or problem with a funding source that subscribes to a relevant purpose.
  3. Study the background, resources, and funding prospects of the agency.
  4. Clear with the Superintendent the general idea for a proposal.
  5. Involve prospective participants in planning for a proposal. Secure parents' written permission if children are to be involved in experimental types of instruction.
  6. Prepare the application, using the format and following the timeline prescribed by the funding agency.
  7. Discuss the funding of personnel, including the project director, with the Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, making sure to apply for full outside funding of all fringe benefits, including unemployment insurance.
  8. Submit copies as required to the Superintendent for recommendation to the Board for approval.
  9. If approved, complete the process of submission to the funding agency and its subsidiaries as required, with copies provided to participants.

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Board Approved Date: July 2003
Last Updated: July 2003