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R 2662 Suspension

Students are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with Board Regulation 2610 - Behavioral Expectations. Failure to do so may result in a student's suspension or expulsion from school.

A building principal may suspend a student for a period not to exceed ten (10) consecutive school days. Any suspension shall be reported immediately, in writing, to the student and the student's parent/guardian or others having custodial care of the student. A copy will be forwarded to the Superintendent. The Superintendent may revoke or reduce the suspension if the Superintendent concludes that circumstances warrant such action.

When a student is suspended, the principal/designee shall attempt to reach the student's parent/guardian to inform them of the school's action and to request that they pick up their child. If the parent/guardian is unable to pick up their child, the principal/designee may ask the parent/guardian for permission to send the student home. If the parent/guardian cannot be reached or if the above request is refused, the student must remain on school property until the close of the school day.

If the principal decides that a suspension in excess of ten (10) consecutive school days is warranted, the principal may petition the Superintendent for such suspension.

The Superintendent of Schools may suspend a student for a period not to exceed 180 consecutive school days.

No student shall be suspended by a principal or by the Superintendent unless:

  1. The student shall be informed, orally or in writing, of the charge against him/her, and
  2. If the student denies the charge, he/she shall be given an oral or written explanation of the facts which form the basis of the proposed suspension, and
  3. The student shall be given an opportunity to present his/her version of the incident to the principal or Superintendent.

A student who is on suspension may not be within 1,000 feet of any school property unless he/she lives within 1,000 feet of the school, is under the direct supervision of his/her parent, legal guardian, or custodian, or another adult designated by his/her parent, legal guardian, or custodian, and has obtained approval in advance, in writing, from the principal of the school which suspended him/her; or has been requested by the administration to attend a meeting at the school. This restriction does not apply to suspended students enrolled and attending an alternative school which is within 1,000 feet of a district school.

When a long term suspension is considered, the student's parents will be given the opportunity to
discuss the incident in a meeting with the Superintendent and another District employee.

If a suspension is ordered by the Superintendent for more than ten (10) consecutive school days, the Superintendent's order may be appealed to the Board of Education if written notice of appeal is delivered to the office of the Board of Education within five (5) days of receipt of the Superintendent's suspension letter. If such suspension is appealed, the Superintendent shall promptly provide the Board with a report of the facts involved in the suspension, the action taken by the Superintendent, and the reasons for the Superintendent's decision.

In such event, the suspension shall be stayed until the Board renders its decision, unless in the judgment of the Superintendent the student's presence poses a continuing danger to persons or property or an ongoing threat of disrupting the academic process, in which case the student may be immediately removed from school, and the notice and hearing shall follow as soon as practicable.

Any appeal to the Board of Education of the Superintendent's decision to suspend a student for more than ten (10) consecutive school days may be heard and determined by the full Board or by a quorum thereof, or by a committee of three Board members appointed by the President of the Board. Such committee shall have full authority to act in lieu of the Board.

Students will be readmitted or enrolled after expiration of their suspension from the District or from any other district only after a conference has been held to consider prior misconduct and remedial steps necessary to minimize future acts of similar misconduct. (See Policy and Regulation 2664 - Enrollment or Return Following Suspension and/or Expulsion) Participants in such pre-admission conferences will include:

  1. The student.
  2. The parent/guardian.
  3. The representative of any agency having legal jurisdiction, care, custody, or control of the student.
  4. District staff members designated by the Superintendent/designee.

Note: For suspensions involving disabled students under Section 504 or the IDEA, see also Policy and Regulation 2672

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Board Approved Date: March 2011
Last Updated: March 2011