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R 4411 Professional Development Program

The District supports professional development of its certified staff through the maintenance of a professional development committee as well as assistance programs for new teachers and resource programs for experienced teachers.

Professional Development Committee

The purpose of the committee is to identify instructional concerns and remedies; assist beginning teachers with the implementation of their professional development plans; serve as consultant at a personal teacher's request; arrange training programs for mentors; assess faculty needs; develop in-service opportunities for school staff; and provide District administration with suggestions, ideas and recommendations concerning instruction.

Committee Composition

The committee shall have no more than eight (8) members with membership on the committee representative of disciplines and attendance centers.

Committee members shall be certificated staff members with at least three (3) years of teaching experience and at least two (2) years in the Carthage R-IX School District. Professional Development Committee members will be selected for three (3) year terms. Terms shall be staggered so that approximately one third of the committee will be new each year. New members shall be selected no later than January 31st annually, training will be accomplished by March 31st, and service will begin on April 1st.

Committee members shall be selected by the classroom teachers, media specialists and counselors of the District. Administrators may be selected to serve on the committee but may not participate in the selection process. The Superintendent/designee shall serve as an ex-officio member of the Professional Development Committee.

New Teacher Assistance Program

Each inexperienced teacher employed by the District will be assigned a mentor by the building principal. Mentors will be required to possess at least five (5) years of teaching experience and have received or be willing to complete mentor training. Mentors will work closely with their assigned new teachers during the teachers' first two (2) years upon request or at the direction of the building principal during the mentoring period.

New teachers, with the assistance of their mentors, will prepare professional development plans. The plans will be consistent with the evaluation criteria and will establish plans of development for the teachers' first two (2) years of teaching.

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Board Approved Date: July 2003
Last Updated: July 2003