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R 4505 Salary Schedules

Certificated Staff

The salary of all instructional personnel is determined by salary schedules adopted annually by the Board. The steps on the schedule are based on years of experience. Incoming experience is evaluated. The basic categories of training in the salary schedule are as follows:

The Board wishes to encourage teachers to enter and complete further graduate training. Therefore, the B.S. Degree column is frozen at step 15 and the B.S. Degree plus 15 column is frozen at step 20. Teachers who have been frozen at either of these levels may move to the next column by completing required graduate hours, but may not move down more than one step in any year.

The District will reimburse teachers earning additional graduate credit at the rate of $60.00 per semester hour earned beginning with the fall term. Teachers are not permitted to enroll for more than six semester hours for reimbursable purposes during the school term. Reimbursements for semester hours earned during the first semester of school will be made February 25th. Reimbursement for semester hours earned during the second semester of school will be made June 25th. Reimbursement for the summer will be made October 25th. Transcripts or grade cards must be submitted to the office of the superintendent by the first day of February, June, or October to be reimbursed for that period.

Tuition reimbursement for online classes will be limited to six (6) credit hours total and will be reimbursed only if a regular accredited university accepts the hours as part of a planned course of study. Online courses must be approved in advance by the Superintendent and reimbursement requests must be submitted with the same documentation and deadlines as required for regular college hours.

The Superintendent shall, in cooperation with staff, prepare the salary schedule for approval by the Board and implement the salary schedule adopted by the Board. The schedule adopted by the Board shall remain in effect until changed or modified by the Board.

The Board of Education shall determine extra salary above scale for teachers with special qualifications and/or duties.

Vocational teachers are employed on the basis of their experience, training and certification requirements established by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Salaries will be comparative with the field of specialization.

A paycheck for 1/12th of the annual salary, less authorized deductions, is to be delivered to the teacher by the 25th day of each month. All teachers are paid on a twelve-month basis. June, July and August checks are all paid in June and delivered to teachers by June 25. At the District's discretion, electronic transfer may be used to accomplish this process.

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Board Approved Date: June 2008
Last Updated: June 2008