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R 5240 Weather and Fire Emergencies

The Board recognizes the necessity for a planned safety program to ensure to the extent possible a safe environment for students, staff and visitors. The responsibility for ensuring safe conditions throughout the District is shared by the Board, Superintendent and staff. The Superintendent, at the Board's direction will be responsible for the development and implementation of a safety program to include, but not be limited to, weather, fire and civil defense emergencies.

The Superintendent/designee is authorized to dismiss schools, at his/her discretion, because of hazardous road conditions or other conditions which would make the operation of schools impractical or hazardous to students and staff.

At the direction of the Superintendent/designee, building principals will determine areas in each building which, in the principal's opinion, are best suited for the protection of students and staff during civil defense emergencies. School will not be dismissed in the case of civil defense alerts or tornado warnings. Two tornado drills will be conducted annually.

The Superintendent/designee will provide for fire inspections on announced and unannounced basis for each building. The Superintendent/designee will also be responsible for remedying unsafe conditions in school buildings which have been reported by local fire marshals acting in their official capacity. Building principals are responsible for preparing a fire drill and emergency exit plan for their buildings. Exit plans will be posted in each classroom and reviewed with the students on a regular basis. Two fire drills will be conducted during the first two weeks of school and at least two (2) times thereafter during the year to ensure safe and efficient exit in the event of an emergency.

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Board Approved Date: July 2003
Last Updated: July 2003