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R 1520 School District Annual Report

The Board of Education will annually issue a report to each household with a student enrolled in the District.  Copies of the School Accountability Report Card shall be available at all school or administrative buildings and shall also be distributed to all media outlets serving the District.  The School Accountability Report Card for each school building will include the following information:

  1. Accreditation Status
  2. Preschool Enrollment
  3. K-12 Enrollment
  4. Rates of Pupil Attendance
  5. High School Dropout Rate
  6. High School Graduation Rate
  7. Number of Suspensions of Ten (10) Days or Longer
  8. Rate of Suspensions of Ten (10) Days or Longer
  9. District Ratio of Students to Administrators
  10. District Ratio of Students to Teachers
  11. Average Years of Experience of the Professional Staff
  12. Number of Advanced Degrees Earned by the Professional Staff
  13. Student Achievement Measured by the District Assessment System
  14. Student Scores on the ACT
  15. Percentage of District Graduates Taking the ACT
  16. Average Teachers’ Salaries Compared to State Average
  17. Average Administrators’ Salaries Compared to State Average
  18. Average Per Pupil Expenditures for the District
  19. Average Per Pupil Expenditures by Attendance Center
  20. Adjusted Tax Rates of the District
  21. District’s Assessed Valuation
  22. Percentage of the District’s Operating Budget Derived from State, Federal and Local Sources
  23. Percentage of Students Eligible for Free or Reduced-Price Lunch
  24. Percentage of Students Continuing their Education in Post-Secondary Programs
  25. Placement Rate for Students Who Complete District Vocational Education Programs
  26. Existence of a State-Approved Gifted Education Program
  27. If a District Gifted Program Exists, the Number of Students Currently Being Served in Such Program

School Report Card

The District Report Card will permit disclosure of data on a school-by-school basis.  However, school reporting will not be personally identifiable to any student or professional staff member.

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Board Approved Date: September 21, 2015
Last Updated: November 2015