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R 1210 School Year and School Day

Alternative Methods of Instruction

Beginning in school year 2020-21, the District may use a DESE approved alternative method of instruction to compensate for certain hours lost due to exceptional and/or emergency circumstances.  “Exceptional or emergency circumstances” include, inclement weather, a utility outage or an outbreak of a contagious disease.

Notification of Parents and Students

If the District utilizes such DESE approved alternative method of instruction plan, the District will notify students and parents on each day of the closure.  In these circumstances, the District will ensure that each student receives assignments for that day in hard copy or receives instruction through virtual learning or another form of instruction.

Limitation on Utilization of Instruction Method

Alternative methods of instruction can be utilized for a maximum of thirty-six (36) hours during a school year.  Days lost or cancelled beyond thirty-six (36) hours, will be made up in the scheduling of replacement days.

Application for Use of Alternative Methods of Instruction

The District’s application to DESE will describe:

  1. Manner in which the District intends to strengthen and reinforce instructional content.
  2. Means of communicating to students and parents the decision to implement alternative methods.
  3. Process for communicating the purpose and expectation of alternative changes.
  4. Communication of proposed expectations.
  5. Assignments and materials to be used.
  6. Manner in which attendance will be determined.
  7. Instruction methods to reach students electronically and to reach students without internet access.
  8. Instructional methods for IEP students.
  9. Role and responsibility of certified personnel to be available to communicate with students.

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Board Approved Date: May 18, 2020
Last Updated: August 2019