Cole County R-I


P 2940 Student Group Use of School Facilities

Pursuant to the Equal Access Act, District secondary schools will provide an opportunity for student-initiated noncurricular groups to conduct meetings on school premises, during noninstructional time, and will not discriminate against students on the basis of the religious, political or philosophical content of the speech at such meetings.

An activity is to be considered curricular if the subject matter is or will be taught in a regularly offered class; if the subject matter concerns the body of courses as a whole; if participation in the group is a requirement for a course; or if academic credit is available for participation. Extracurricular activities include activities organized and supervised under the auspices of the school. Extracurricular activities primarily involve students in activities occurring outside academic class time, for which no units of credit are awarded. Any activity which does not meet the definition of a curricular or extracurricular activity will be considered noncurricular.

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Last Updated: January 2003