Cole County R-I


P 0370 Board Training

Board members initially elected or appointed after August 28, 1993, shall successfully complete orientation and training requirements within one year of the date of election or appointment.  The orientation and training will consist of at least eighteen hours and thirty minutes.  The District will pay the costs of the training.

This mandatory training will include two hours and thirty minutes of current reliable information concerning identifying signs of sexual abuse in children and the danger signals of potentially abusive relationships between children and adults.  In addition, this segment of the training will emphasize methods to establish an atmosphere of trust in order that students feel comfortable discussing abuse with school staff.  District administrators will conduct investigations following abuse hotline calls, and advise the Board of the facts and recommendations.

Any Board member serving a term as of August 28, 2019 or elected or appointed after August 28, 2019, will complete at least one hour of refresher training each year of their term of office.  However, the refresher training is not required in the year the member completes the initial orientation and training.

The annual refresher training will address concepts covered in the initial training, including the prevention of sexual abuse of children.

Last Updated: August 2019