Cole County R-I


P 2245 Transfer Students

All students entering the District from other educational settings are required to submit evidence of their achievement in the last grade attended. Grade placement of a student may be adjusted on the basis of examination of the student's previous record, achievement tests administered, or other factors that the principal and staff believe are appropriate under the circumstances. A transcript of all entering secondary school students is required before enrollment can be completed. However, a student may be permitted to enroll temporarily until a full transcript is obtained.

Transfers from Unaccredited Schools

Parents/guardians should be advised that if they choose to transfer their student to the public school from an unaccredited school, the student will not be guaranteed comparable placement in the public schools. Students transferring will be assigned an appropriate grade level and class assignment based on their educational and developmental level as determined by the principal through assessment of student's age, educational experience, achievement tests and consultation with parent/guardian and personnel from the student's former school.

Intradistrict Transfers

The Superintendent may authorize the transfer of a student from one District school to another. Reasons for the transfer may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Welfare of the student
  2. Disciplinary concerns
  3. Curriculum offerings
  4. Special education placement
  5. Parent/guardian custody
  6. Relocation of residence
  7. Student of a District employee
  8. Transportation

The request for transfer may be initiated by the building principal and/or the parent/guardian. The request shall outline the reasons for the transfer, the positive and negative impact upon the student, and any differences of opinion about the transfer. A request for a student transfer will be submitted to the Superintendent.

Last Updated: January 2003