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R 1420 Community Use of School Facilities

Use of Buildings

In accordance with the law, buildings may be used for free discussion of public questions and subjects of general public interest, for the meeting of organizations of citizens and for such other civic, social and educational purposes as will not interfere with the use of the building for school purposes. No part of the building is to be used without permission being granted by the Superintendent/designee.

Applications for Use

Applications for the use of the premises shall be made in writing and shall state the date and purpose of the use, and, if an admission charge is to be made, the purpose of raising said funds and such other information as the Board or the Superintendent may require. Parent organizations, Scout, educational and other school activity organizations which may be granted use of certain rooms for regular meeting purposes shall not use other rooms in the building to hold meetings or entertainment on other than the regular meeting night unless written application is made for the use of same as provided above.

Any cancellation of reserved dates must be made in writing at least twenty-four hours before the date on which meetings are scheduled. The Board reserves the right to cancel any arrangements for use of buildings upon due notice in advance.

Rental Charges

No charge will be made for any "strictly school" activities or for regular meetings of parent organizations. No charge will be made to Scouts and similar organizations so long as no additional cost is incurred in custodial support who would not normally be on duty and if no extra work is incurred in setting up chairs, equipment, etc.

All rental charges for use of buildings are due and payable at least twenty-four hours before the date on which the building is to be used. When the buildings are rented on Saturday or Sunday, an additional charge over and above the minimum charge may be required. Other payment arrangements may be made with the Superintendent/designee.


  1. Special permission must be received to serve meals.

  2. The sale, consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages shall not be permitted on School District premises at anytime. Nor shall any person who is in a drunken or intoxicated condition, or who is under the influence of liquor, be permitted on School District premises. The person in charge of the meeting will be held responsible for the enforcement of this rule.

  3. Damage or breakage occurring in any building or grounds on account of the activities of an organization using it as a meeting place shall be paid for by the organization.

  4. No use of equipment shall be granted unless an instructor or attendant, approved by the Board, is in charge of the rooms or equipment.

  5. Smoking is not permitted in any school building.

  6. The use of profane language or gambling in any form is not permitted in any school building.

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Last Updated: January 2003