Hallsville R-IV


P 4500 Compensation

Payday Schedules

All Hallsville R-IV School District employees will be paid on a monthly basis.

All personnel will be paid on the twenty-fifth (25th) of the month.  In the event the twenty-fifth (25th) falls on a holiday or weekend, payday will be the first preceding working day.  All personnel will be required to use direct deposit.

Compensation Guides

The Board of Education will designate certain extra duty positions for additional compensation.  The Board's designations of positions for additional pay will be based upon the time and responsibility required in specific performance.  Extra duty and extended year positions are contracted on an annual basis and may be eliminated each year at the Board's discretion.

Teacher contracts currently in effect will not be altered to accommodate university credit earned during the school year.

Teachers employed for less than the regularly adopted school calendar and those whose services are terminated before the completion of their contracts will be paid at the rate per day times the number of days employed.  The rate per day will be determined by dividing the annual salary by the number of days in the school calendar adopted by the Board. 

Credit for previous experience outside the District will be established by the Board.  Teachers returning to the District for employment will be recognized for experience credit earned at the time of separation.  Any experience gained since separation will be credited on the same basis as a new employee.

  1. A transcript of all college or university courses for which credit is given on the salary schedule will be on file in the administration office.
  1. Recognition is given for college training received from an accredited institution which has been accredited for purposes of granting degrees in the arts, sciences or in professional education.  Non-accredited institutions or institutions granting degrees in specialized or unrelated fields, such as master’s degrees in religious education, law, or other specialized areas will not be construed as meeting the requirements of the District.

Board Approved Date: February, 2014
Last Updated: May 2014