Hallsville R-IV


P 6110 Curriculum Development

The Board of Education recognizes the need and value of a systematic and on-going program of curriculum review.  The Board encourages and supports the professional staff in its efforts to identify and review new curricular ideas, develop and improve existing programs and evaluate all instructional programs.

The Board of Education directs the Superintendent to continuously carry out the curriculum development and implementation process.  As used in this Policy, curriculum is the process, attitudes, skills and knowledge that is taught and learned at the appropriate levels in District schools.

However, the Board of Education is responsible for the approval and adoption of curriculum used by the District. 

Similarly, the Board may adopt the District’s own education standards, in addition to those already adopted by the state, provided the additional standards are in the public domain and do not conflict with the standard adopted by the State Board of Education.

Board Approved Date: September 10, 2014
Last Updated: July 2014