Hallsville R-IV


P 1425 School Volunteers

The District encourages participation of parents and citizens of the community to volunteer in the schools in order to serve as additional resources to the teachers and students.   

Screened Volunteers

Individuals who assist our schools on an uncompensated basis and who may periodically be left alone with students are considered “screened volunteers” under state statute.  These individuals, among other service providers, may volunteer to regularly assist in the school office or library; mentor or tutor students; coach or supervise student activities before or after school; or chaperone students on overnight trips.  Prior to being left alone with students at school or school activities, screened volunteers must have a clear criminal records check from the State Highway Patrol and Federal Bureau of Investigation.  Screened volunteers may have access to students’ educational records where necessary and when supervised by a staff member.

Application for Volunteer Service

All volunteers must complete an application for volunteer service and may be interviewed prior to beginning volunteer service. (Form 1425).  The District serves the right to deny individual applicants where the best interests of the educational program are served.

Board Approved Date: February 18, 2020
Last Updated: February 2020