Hallsville R-IV


P 6180 English Language Learner (ELL)

The Board of Education is committed to identifying and assessing the educational needs of students whose native or home language is other than English. Once identified, the District will provide appropriate programs to address the needs of these students. Students entitled to considerations under this policy include:

  1. Language Minority (LM) - students who come from a background where English is not the student's first language, or where the primary language of the home is not English or both.
  2. Limited English Proficient (LEP) - Students whose English language skills are insufficient to lead to success in an English-only classroom.

The District will also take steps to ensure to the maximum extent practicable that the interests of ELL students are included in the development and implementation of District programs and services that are offered by the District to and for its student body.

School personnel enrolling ELL students are trained in the process of identifying, assessing and providing services to these students.

To ensure that parents/guardians are properly notified of the ELL program, all new and enrolling students are to be given the Student Home Language Survey (Form 6180). The form shall be completed and returned to the school by the parents/guardians if they feel their child may be in need of such services.

Where the District has or may have in the future a low number of ELL students, the District may contract with a neighboring district for services until a qualified ELL teacher is employed. However, if the District serves twenty (20) or more ELL students, the District will employ a full-time certified ESOL teacher.

The Board designates the Superintendent to serve as the District’s ELL Implementor.

Board Approved Date: May 15, 2024
Last Updated: December 2020