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P 4340 Vacations and Holidays: Support Staff


Support staff members employed on a twelve (12) month basis will be granted two (2) weeks vacation annually with full pay after the first year of employment.  Upon completion of the fifth year of employment, one (1) additional day of vacation will be granted to employees for each year of employment not to exceed twenty (20) days of total vacation each year.  Unused days may not be accumulated, but they may be used during the first month of the next fiscal year (July) without penalty or loss of days as long as the request is in the Central Office prior to the end of June of the current school year and is pre-approved by the employee’s supervisor

Scheduling of vacations will take into account service requirements of the school system.  Employees will take vacations when, in the judgment of the supervisor of the department, the work permits.

Employees with more than six (6) months service but less than one (1) year may be granted vacation days on a pro rata basis in order to facilitate scheduling of vacation time.

If, before receiving the vacation to which entitled, an employee is dismissed (except for reason of misconduct), laid off, or retired the employee will be paid in lieu of vacation provided. However, in the case of resignation by an employee, the employee must provide and fulfill an adequate two week notice and return all district property in order to receive vacation provided by the district. Employees with less than six (6) months of service; no vacation pay allowance will be made.


Paid holidays for regular staff during the school year will be established when the Board adopts the school calendar. Paid holidays for the twelve (12) month support staff employees will include Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the following Friday, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, and Independence Day.

Paid holidays for district managers and central office staff will include the legal holidays, winter and spring breaks as established in the annual school calendar in which the District schools are closed, and holidays for the entire District declared by the Board.

Hallsville R-IV

January 2021

Board Approved Date: January 20, 2021
Last Updated: January 2021