Hallsville R-IV


P 5240 Weather, Earthquake and Fire Emergencies

At the direction of the Superintendent of Schools, the principal will determine areas in each building which are best suited for the protection of students during civil defense emergencies, including adverse weather conditions. School will not be dismissed in the case of a civil defense alert or tornado warning.

It shall also be the duty of the Superintendent of Schools to provide for fire inspections on an announced and unannounced basis in each building. The Superintendent is responsible for remedying unsafe conditions reported by local fire marshals acting in their official capacities.

The principal will assume responsibility for preparing a fire drill and emergency exit plan for each building. The plan will permit students to leave the building safely and quickly. Fire drills will be held the first full week of school and quarterly thereafter.

The District may adopt emergency plans for the use of the District's resources during natural disasters or other community emergencies. These resources may include food assistance through the use of federal commodity foods, and the use of school buildings and buses.

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Board Approved Date: October, 2004
Last Updated: January 2003