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P 5540 Food Safety

The purpose of the District's food safety program is to ensure the delivery of safe foods to children in the school meals program by controlling hazards that may occur or be introduced into foods anywhere along the flow of food from receiving to service.

Serving safe food is a critical responsibility for school food service and is a key aspect of a healthy school environment. Keeping foods safe is a vital part of healthy eating. When properly implemented, the District's food safety program will help ensure the safety of school meals served to District students.

In order to carry out these goals and comply with federal law, the District's Food Safety Program will include written plans for each school and will be consistent with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) principles.

The District's Food Safety Program will focus on three (3) key points.

  1. Food preparation areas will be maintained in a clean and sanitary manner. This includes ensuring that workers hands, utensils, and food contact areas are clean and sanitary so as to avoid cross contamination.

  2. Temperature controls will be strictly adhered to. Food will be cooked and served at the proper temperature.

  3. Standard Operation Procedures should be developed to ensure sanitation; to ensure that food is maintained at the proper temperatures, and to facilitate other safety aspects of the food service program.

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Board Approved Date: June, 2006
Last Updated: May 2006