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P 5620 Student Transportation Services

The Board of Education, in accordance with state law, shall provide free transportation for eligible students attending the District schools. The Superintendent shall ensure that the transportation services of the District meet all of the guidelines established by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, i.e., Missouri Pupil Transportation Administrative Handbook, Missouri Minimum Standards for School Buses, Missouri Certified Bus Driver Instructor's Manual, and Missouri School Bus Driver Manual, as well as the policies that pertain directly to the qualifications of bus operators and operational procedures adopted by the Board of Education.

According to regulations of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, bus transportation will be provided to and from District schools for all students who reside three and one-half (3.5) miles or more from the school located in their attendance areas. State regulations provide for reimbursement to districts providing transportation for those students living more than one (1.0) mile from their attendance area school. The District may transport students who reside less than one (1.0) mile from school when students are required to cross a state highway or county arterial without access to sidewalks, traffic signals, or a crossing guard and no existing bus stop is changed to avoid administrative penalty. In such instance the District will request a waiver of the administrative penalty. The Superintendent is directed to prepare annually a plan for student transportation services for the upcoming school year which addresses student transportation needs within the limitations of District finances, including state aid for transportation services. The plan will address mileage distance from school and grade level requirements for receiving transportation to be provided by the District. This plan shall be presented for School Board approval no later than the regular August Board meeting of each school year. In cases when the transportation plan remains the same as the prior school year, the plan may be submitted to the School Board as an information rather than an action item.

Qualified individuals under Section 504 or the IDEA will be provided bus transportation by the District between home and the special education program. Transportation for a student with disabilities under the IDEA or Section 504 will be provided between schools if the student's IEP team or Section 504 team determines that such transportation is necessary as a related service due to the student's disability. Eligibility for transportation as a related service must be stated in the student's IEP or Section 504 Plan. If a disabled student's IEP team or Section 504 Team determines that certain accommodations, modifications or supports are necessary to appropriately transport the student, the District shall provide such accommodations, modifications or supports as indicated in the student's IEP or Section 504 plan.

Students are expected to comply with behavioral expectations as stated in Policy 2652 - Student Conduct on Buses, while they are passengers in District vehicles.

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Board Approved Date: March, 2010
Last Updated: May 2010