Hallsville R-IV


P 0200 School District Philosophy and Mission


The Hallsville R-IV School District is committed to providing a comprehensive educational program which incorporates new and expended curricula diversified to meet a wide range of educational objectives in an evolving local, national and international society. The students, parents and school personnel share responsibility for both the present and future status of the educational program and facilities of the District.


Acknowledging the role of the community and school as partners in education, we support the following mission statement:

The mission of the Hallsville R-IV School District is to create an environment that will raise the performance of all students and to provide the opportunity to maximize physical, emotional, social and intellectual development. In a climate of mutual respect and cooperation, students will develop as self-directed learners, effective communicators, problem solvers, collaborative workers, and responsible citizens.

Board Approved Date: August, 1999
Last Updated: August 1999