Hallsville R-IV


P 0352 Conferences, Conventions and Workshops

The Board encourages the participation of its members at appropriate conferences, workshops, conventions, seminars and similar meetings.

Funds for participation at such meetings will be budgeted for on an annual basis. Reimbursement to Board members for their travel expenses will accord with the travel expense policy for staff members.

The Board president will have the power to authorize Board members to attend such meetings at Board expense. This authorization will be certified in writing to the Superintendent and when pertinent will state the name of the organization as well as the purpose of the trip, the destination and the period of time involved.

When an approved meeting is not attended by the full Board, those who do participate will make an informal presentation at a Board meeting summarizing the conference, convention or workshop.

Board Approved Date: September, 2000
Last Updated: September 2000