Hallsville R-IV


P 6240 Instructional Materials

As the governing body of the District, the Board is legally responsible for the selection of instructional materials. Since the Board is the policy making body, it delegates to professional personnel of the District the authority for the selection of instructional materials in accordance with Board policies and regulations. Every effort will be made to ensure that instructional materials are distributed equitably among the District's schools so that a balanced distribution of instructional materials will occur. Free textbooks are provided in grades K-12.

Materials for the school classrooms and school libraries will be selected by the appropriate professional personnel, in consultation with the administration. When the budget for the year is approved in final form by the Board, the Superintendent/designee shall direct the purchase of books, supplies, equipment and other instructional materials required, within the limits of the adopted budget. The Superintendent/designee shall audit all claims and submit to the Board for approval and authorization for payment.

It is the responsibility of the professional staff to select instructional materials of the highest quality that will support the educational curriculum and goals of the District. Consideration should be given to all available textbooks in the content area to provide opportunities for each child to realize his/her greatest potential through education.

The value and impact of any textbook, library or other instructional material will be judged as a whole, taking into account the purpose of the material rather than individual and isolated expressions or incidents of the work. Multicultural and gender-fair concepts will be criteria for selection of materials.

Board Approved Date: September, 1999
Last Updated: September 1999