Hallsville R-IV


P 2520 Promotion and Retention

The purpose of promotions and retentions is to provide maximum consideration for the long-range welfare of the student and to provide an opportunity for each student to progress through school according to his/her own needs and abilities.

It is expected that most students in the schools will be promoted annually from one grade level to another upon completion of satisfactory work, however, a student may be retained when his/her standards of achievement or social, emotional, mental, or physical development would not allow satisfactory progress in the next higher grade. Retention normally occurs before the student leaves the primary grades.

Parents/guardians who wish to appeal the decision for retention must first contact the building principal. If parents/guardians do not accept the decision at the building level, an appeal may be made in writing to the Superintendent. All appeals must be requested within two (2) weeks after the close of school.

The process for reading assessments and remediation, and retention guidelines for students who fail to meet the District's objectives for reading, are contained in Regulation 2520 - Promotion and Retention.

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Board Approved Date: August, 2001
Last Updated: January 2003