Hallsville R-IV


P 2641 Drug-Free Schools

Pursuant to requirements of the 1989 amendments of the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act and to the requirements of the Safe Schools Act, and for the purpose of preventing the use of illicit drugs and alcohol by students, the District shall provide age-appropriate, developmentally based drug and alcohol education and prevention programs to all students from early childhood level through grade twelve (12). (See also Policy 6130 - Drug Education.) Such programs will address the legal, social and health consequences of drug and alcohol use, and provide information about effective techniques for resisting peer pressure to use illicit drugs or alcohol.

The District shall provide information about any drug and alcohol counseling and rehabilitation and re-entry programs that are available to students. Students may be required to participate in such programs in order to avoid suspension or expulsion if they are found to be in violation of this policy. All parents/guardians and students shall annually be provided with a copy of this policy.

The District certifies that it has adopted and implemented the drug prevention program described in this policy in the form required by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education or the United States Department of Education. The District conducts a biennial review of such program to determine its effectiveness, to implement necessary changes and to ensure that the disciplinary sanctions are consistently enforced.

Board Approved Date: January, 1998
Last Updated: January 2003