Hallsville R-IV


R 2340 Truancy and Educational Neglect Procedures

  1. Section 210.1 15.R.S.Mo. mandates certain professionals to report to the Division of Family Services when they have reasonable cause to suspect that a child is being subjected to home conditions which contribute to school nonattendance.

    Along with other professionals mentioned, the law specifically mentions "teacher, principal or other school official" as well as "nurse" and "social worker."

  2. School employees who suspect that a child is subject to educational neglect shall report this as soon as possible to the principal/designee.

  3. The principal/designee shall review the report and confer with the parent/guardian to resolve the situation. When appropriate, a school counselor, social worker, or nurse may be instructed to offer appropriate social or health services which may be needed to intervene in the family circumstances.

  4. If appropriate school intervention does not correct the student's truancy, and reasonable cause for educational neglect has been determined, the principal/designee shall call the Student Abuse Hotline of the Division of Family Services and report the alleged child educational neglect.

  5. A report of this call shall be forwarded to the Superintendent or Central Office Student Services Administrator.

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Board Approved Date: February, 1999
Last Updated: January 2003