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R 2200 Admission and Withdrawal/Student Record Requests

Within 48 hours of enrolling a student placed in the District pursuant to R.S.Mo. §§ 210.481-.536, the school official enrolling the student shall request all records required by District policy for student transfer, including discipline records,  from all schools and facilities attended by the student in the preceding twenty-four (24) months in addition to records related to the student from the Department of Social Services; the Department of Mental Health; the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education; and any other state agencies and entities involved in the placement of the student.

For all other students to whom the preceding paragraph of this Regulation is not applicable, the Superintendent/Designee will request the student's transfer and discipline records from all schools or facilities previously attended within the preceding twelve (12) months within two (2) business days of a student’s request to enroll in the District.  In addition, parents/guardians of students new to the District will be required to complete and sign the Affidavit Regarding Prior Discipline informing the District of the student’s previous suspensions, expulsions or criminal activity.

Any enrollment of the student prior to receipt of a the student’s discipline records from a previous school will be conditional until such time as the student’s previous discipline records are received evidencing that the student is not barred from enrollment under R.S.Mo.§ 167.171 (See Policy and Regulations 2200 and 2664).  A student will be allowed to attend school after a conditional enrollment.  A student’s conditional enrollment will be revoked upon receipt of information that the student is barred from enrollment pursuant to R.S.Mo. § 167.171 and the student will no longer be allowed to attend school. This provision does not apply to a disabled student, as identified under state eligibility criteria, who is convicted or adjudicated guilty as a result of conduct related to the student’s disability. Any student who is barred from enrollment pursuant to R.S.Mo. §167.171 will be provided due process as set for in the District Regulation 2664.  If the student is not barred from enrollment pursuant to R.S.Mo. § 167.171, the student will be deemed fully enrolled upon receipt of the student’s records.  (See Regulation 2200, Policy 2290, and Policy and Regulation 2664).

The Superintendent/Designee is authorized to share relevant portions of such student's transfer and discipline records with District employees who, based upon their duties, have a need to know such information.  Such records will be maintained in confidence for purposes of maintaining discipline and for assistance to the student. 

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Board Approved Date: September 10, 2014
Last Updated: July 2014