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R 3440 Travel and Reimbursement

Travel Expense Allowance

Upon approval of the Superintendent, employees may be authorized to attend conferences, meetings, conventions, etc.  When full expenses are allowed, they shall be deemed to include registration, transportation fees, lodging and meals.

Each employee allowed travel expenses shall file with the Superintendent/designee an itemized account of expenses; he/she may request an advance of estimated expenses subject to adjustment upon filing of the itemized account.  Each employee shall submit to the Superintendent/designee such other reports as may be required.

The Superintendent may authorize attendance at professional meetings by staff members, Board members and others working on District matters, and may approve reasonable expenditures that include an amount set annually by the Board for lodging, travel expenses and applicable registration fees.

The Superintendent shall notify the Board of the date and purpose of the event for which such approval is granted, name(s) of person(s) attending, and cost to the District.

The Superintendent shall have the power to excuse any employee from duty for the above purposes for a period not to exceed one (1) day without allowance for expenses

Reimbursement Policies

  1. Mileage reimbursement is not authorized between home and office/base school.
  2. Employees who travel directly from home to other than office/base school on official business are entitled to a mileage allowance of the distance in excess of that from home to office/base school.The same policy is applicable to return trips.In this case a reimbursement request must show that all mileage excludes round trip mileage from home to office/base school.
  3. Employees who travel from school to school on official duty are authorized mileage from the first to the last school visited subject to the restrictions outlined in the paragraph above.
  4. When transportation is performed by privately owned vehicle, mileage is authorized at an annually determined rate, subject to provisions of the following paragraph.
  5. When private transportation can be pooled, the driver of the vehicle is authorized reimbursement at the annually determined rate.When transportation pooling is not desired by the individuals concerned, each traveler will be limited to an equal share of the annually determined rate per mile.
  6. In performing necessary local travel, personnel will use the most direct well-traveled route between any two points.Claims for mileage reimbursement will be for actual miles driven based on odometer readings.

Federal Award Programs

If lodging and subsistence costs are charged directly to the Federal award, documentation must justify that:

  1. Participation of the individual is necessary to the Federal award; and
  2. The costs are reasonable and are consistent with the District’s travel policy.

Such documentation may include any or all of the following:

  1. Agenda
  2. List of attendees
  3. Prior written approval
  4. Written qualification statement

Grant funds will not be used for temporary dependent care costs unless specifically permitted by the awards’ authorizing statute, regulation or department.

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Board Approved Date: April 20, 2017
Last Updated: January 2017