Hallsville R-IV


R 4220 Certificated Staff Duties, Schedules and Working Hours

Normal Working Day

Employees are required to be on duty during the assigned times determined by the building administrator or designee.

It is recognized that professional duties and responsibilities extend beyond the student contact hours to include time for such activities as additional planning and evaluating, meetings, professional growth, parent conferences, sponsoring activities and participation in Open House and PTO meetings, if needed. These professional tasks will be equitably shared so that no staff member is given undue burdens.

Snow/Emergency Days

In the event that schools are closed due to snow or inclement weather, teachers are not expected to report for work.

Duty Free Lunch

Efforts will be made to provide an uninterrupted duty-free lunch period of at least twenty-five (25) minutes daily. When temporary, unanticipated emergency situations arise, teachers may not receive the full twenty-five (25) minutes.

The scheduling of lunch periods shall be determined by the building administrator or supervisor. Staff members may leave the school building during such periods; however, clearance must be made through the building principal/designee and a prompt return to assigned duties is mandatory.

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Board Approved Date: September 17, 2018
Last Updated: December 2018